Customized hand-drawn 3D glass portraits of pets


The characteristics of pet glass painting:

Realism: Artists can finely depict the features and details of pets using transparent glass, making the artwork look very realistic and vivid.

Light and shadow effects: The transparent nature of glass allows light to pass through the artwork, creating unique light and shadow effects that enhance the three-dimensional sense and visual appeal of the artwork.

Durability: Artworks made using glass typically have higher durability and stability, less affected by time and environment, and can be preserved for a long time.

High technical requirements: Creating pet glass paintings requires artists to possess a higher level of technical skills and experience because painting or carving on glass demands more precise and meticulous techniques.

Decorative: Pet glass paintings can serve not only as art displays but also as part of home decor, adding to the aesthetic appeal and personalization of the space.

Pet glass painting creates a lasting keepsake of your pet


Customized pet glass paintings, pet portraits

material:Organic glass; Number of glass layers: 5 layers; Production method: Purely hand-painted; Production time: Approximately 30-40 days

A seven-layer glass artwork offers a more three-dimensional and vivid representation compared to a five-layer glass artwork. recommends choosing the seven-layer glass whenever possible, as it will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

Important information you need to know:

The sizes 7.87*7.87″ and 9.84*9.84″ are a little small which are only suitable for drawing head portraits, not full-body images. The size 11.81*11.81″ is suitable for drawing either a head portrait or a full-body image.  The sizes 11.69*16.54″ and 15.75*15.75″ are suitable for drawing either one or two head portraits, and of course, they can also accommodate full-body images.

After completing your order, please choose your favorite photo and send it to our email . It is important to ensure that the original image is clear and the outlines are intact.Don’t forget to include your name or order number in the subject line of the email.

Once your order is completed, we will send you photos or videos of your beloved pet glass painting artwork for confirmation. If any improvements are needed, we will make the necessary changes based on your feedback. We will only proceed with shipment after receiving your confirmation.

Cherish it with your heart and remember it forever. Let us capture those priceless precious moments together and let the love for pets continue in the long river of time. Immortalize the deep bond between you and your pet with a meaningful pet portrait with us, allowing this gift of love to become a lasting bond between you.

Additional information

Photo frame size

7.87*7.87″(suitable for avatar), 9.84*9.84″(suitable for avatar), 11.81*11.81″(Avatar or full body), 11.69*16.54″(two Heads or whole body), 15.75*15.75″(two Heads or whole body)

Number of glass layers

5 layers, 7 layers